Who we are
The Acoustic Village is a non-profit organization based in Knowlton, Quebec that stages recurring musical events for both professional and amateur artists.

What we offer to musicians
The Acoustic Village offers a concert-style venue in an intimate setting where artists and their music are to be the prime focus. Whether unknown or professional, all artists are promoted, supported and given video exposure both on our website and You Tube channel, if they so desire. We also offer financial compensation for their appearance.

What we offer to the town of Knowlton
The Acoustic Village aims to create a brand and following that will encourage artists to travel to Knowlton and indirectly promote the town and region. By staging our events at the Star Café, we are also encouraging public traffic into the town centre.

What we offer to the audience
The Acoustic Village provides a monthly musical event in an intimate space, free of charge, that allows exposure to a wide variety of musical styles and personalities. These events will not only encourage a greater familiarity and appreciation of the local talent, but also introduce new artists to our community.

Why we do it
With the partnership of the Star Café, The Acoustic Village aims to promote a sense of community and participation by offering an avenue for artists of varied stature to perform together for their neighbours, friends and strangers. Through our events, it is hoped that people will be introduced to each other in the community whether as performers or audience and with the common ground of appreciation of fine music.